About Us

About Us

South Dade Women Veterans Alliance, Inc. was founded in November 2018 to address and support the needs of women veterans in our community. Our focus is on military women, past and present providing advocacy, support, and resources for them to heal, grow, and build resilient lives building strong families and communities.


South Dade Women Veterans Alliance, Inc. was created by its founder, Julie Robison, an Army Veteran. Having a desire to advocate on behalf of other women veterans living with Military Sexual Trauma and Intimate Partner Violence, Julie navigated through the VA Healthcare System to understand firsthand the complexities of its process. With this gained knowledge she has set out to make the process of navigating this system much easier and possible for her veteran sisters.

“The only women veterans organization in Miami-Dade County”, South Dade Women Veterans Alliance, Inc. addresses the need for resources and support for women who have served our nation and return with issues that are overlooked or dismissed.

Who We Help

The Sunshine State is home to 1,492,000 veterans of whom 164,000 are women veterans, the second largest population in the nation. Women Veterans are one of the fastest growing demographics in the veteran population with 2.5 million currently serving.

One in five women veterans reports experiencing Military Sexual Trauma (MST), and one in three reports experiencing Intimate Partner Violence (IPV). South Dade Women Veterans Alliance aims to provide support and resources for women veterans to heal, grow, and build resilient lives.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to unite and empower women veterans in South Florida, fostering a sense of camaraderie that provides advocacy, ongoing support, and access for resources.

Our United States Women Veterans

Whether in times of war or peace, veterans have devoted their lives to the service of our country and all that America stands for. These men and women made sacrifices without thought that their service would be a lifetime commitment. They give their all to protect our nation's freedom. South Dade Veterans Alliance honors veterans every day, everywhere!
~ Julie Robison